Letters… words that heal

As I see the Postman approaching, my heart skips a beat, and immediately I start wondering if there is anything in store for me – an everlasting hope! He comes and hands over a brown envelope and leaves.

After seeing the familiar and dearly loved handwriting on the envelope, I find myself smiling idiotically. The world around blurs dramatically, in that state of pure bliss, the rest of the world goes unnoticed. I rush to my room with a huge grin on my face. I literally tear that envelope apart to see that much-awaited piece of paper…paper that travelled all these miles…for me! The thought is so soothing that it leaves me smiling once again. I get all cosy on my bed and I start reading the letter…as I read I imagine the writer writing it, I read my nickname and I smile once again. Whatever that it contains, I know that it has been written for me and my joy knows no bounds!

After reading it many times, ‘memorising ‘would be a better word. I fold that letter carefully and put it in my folder…a folder made for words…words that heal..!!

Freedom to… freedom from

Freedom…the word brings a whole lot of concepts, situations in front of our eyes. I need freedom, I want freedom, and I demand freedom…? Everyone seems to be fond of this particular word. People interpret it in their own unique way and they have the freedom to do that!

They love it…cherish it…they want freedom from many things…from corrupt government and politicians…from international to internal politics…from authority figures…from those rules and regulations…freedom from being questioned…freedom from nosy people around…freedom of expression…freedom from the sophistry!

Well, leave aside the justification part of it…but all this is something we seek freedom from…and all these things do revolve around the basic concept of freedom! But…don’t you think that this definition is incomplete? There is more to it, to the idea of freedom…the moment you say I need freedom, don’t you imply that you don’t have it and you are bound!

We truly are confined…by many things, knowingly or unknowingly…We, our thoughts and actions both are restricted by the laws of nature, by situational causes, by people around irrespective of their importance in our life…the worst thing of all, we are curtailed by our own desires, emotions and longings!

We are all bound by ‘I’ that we constantly use…and in such context Khalil Gibran makes sense:

“For Him that I love, I wish to be free, Even from ME!”

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