Distance… a necessity

With distance, the clarity will come

Results of the insight you earned

With distance, you will know

Things that define you, people who matter

Distance will let you know for sure

Whether to move on as you say you would do

Distance is helpful, necessary at times

Not only from the world, but from yourself too

As you distance yourself, from the world vile

Everything will start making sense after a while

As you take in the causal relationships around

As you learn to let go,

A part of you changes as you do so…!!



Too often, we do not realise

Things we have, unless they are gone

Too late to say; anything you felt back then

Everything now seems so mundane

Now we do speak all day long

In the background, plays a song

It keeps me going; it keeps me strong

Across the miles, we go where we belong

Distance never really matters dear

Time will maybe change things, I fear

Nothing else to fear or to lose

Friendship shall survive, I believe!

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