Daily Prompt- A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma: Specialis Revelio

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma.”

Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

Not that

I don’t give it a damn.

Not that

I will search where you’ve gone.

Your life, your wish, your choice!

I won’t mourn the relation’s demise.

With a tiny smile,

I’ll accept that you are away,

That will not destroy my way.

If in case we meet,

For destiny has weird habits,

I’ll be the same, just a little wise.


Even after all these years, I still remember every moment spent together. Small fights and tantrums thrown over the slightest thing…Tiny handwritten notes all over the hostel room ranging from random talks to more serious ones…late night (as compared to 8 o’clock deadline) walks in the campus… messy mess and the way I got the largest servings when least hungry…the most random letters that we wrote…the longest letter that you guys wrote for me…and of course, the little red riding hood picture (I hate that one!)…late night chats…random discussions on anything and everything…our electric kettle based cooking expertise… rice and potatoes…dadpe pohe n what not!!

The way we shared our life’s mundane details…cry over the silliest things possible and be upset for weeks altogether over something that did not even count…Friday night movies and Sunday special Rangoli and Chayageet…watching movies together…and Sunday dinner, officially eating outside… freedom from messy mess…I can just go on writing and it’ll not be enough!

sometimes it happens that we grow so close to someone that the person becomes vital for our existence…you have been an important part of my life, you will always be… n even now when you are not around I do think of you on a regular basis….
you have been a hitler in my life… trying to make me a better person…trying to discipline me…. trying to make sure that I never go astray… because I was away from home…
I love you. 

Little girl







All her hopes shattered,

She immersed herself in that pain.

It is going to be a while,

For her, to be back again.

Nothing massive, nothing too bad,

Minute things have torn her apart.

As she sees, everyone leave,

Disappear in this big bad world,

Or, lost like she herself is!

Now when she says goodbye,

She also means,

Hold on to memories, when times are bad!

Sparing you the horror of growing up!



Between the effortless conversations;

Between the snarky comments;

Between the quietest of the moments;

Random thoughts creep inside.

Maybe rosy, maybe a bit hazy,

Ideas, that are, often crazy.

Wilder they get, if moment permits;

Trapped in them, you willingly oblige.

Funny as it happens within seconds;

Funny that ideas manipulate you so much;

Funny because they are your own creation;

Somehow, they always serve their purpose,

Sparing you the horror of growing up!

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