A pledge

Things go wrong, as they often will,
People get hurtful…
Understanding goes for a toss.
Nobody seems to give it a thought!
Raw wound, that is breaking her apart.
She smiles, she laughs, she’s managed to put on a mask,
None of it really touches her heart.
Her precious healer inflicted the wound,
Where will she go? She lost her lucky charm.
She trusted that one; she thought he would stay,
The one she believed in, fate took away.
She feels so empty, abandoned, and lost.
Her heart would be mended; time is all it will cost.
I feel guilty and helpless, sitting so far away.
Knowing that I did once, shove her away.
It does not really count, who thought what.
She is my friend, my sweetheart.
I was not supposed to hurt her at any cost.
Knowing this, does not make it any easier.
I now promise to be on my best behaviour.


P.S. I know it’s very random and doesn’t really make sense. I feel like this anyway… so here it is…

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