Someone who writes

someone who writes...
someone who writes…


Love someone who writes,

Bleeds on the paper and yet survives

For words are mighty, and wise.

Love someone who writes,

For she needs you more than you realise,

Every written word deepens the bond, right?

Love someone who writes,

The paper is creased, and ink is light,

She sees the reality though in guise.

Love someone who writes,

Read carefully between the lines.

You will then hear a thousand cries.

Leave a mark on her heart so naïve,

After all, she also needs something to survive!

A memory that is etched in your soul!

you make me smile!
you are my world!

I want to know you. I want to understand your logic, your reality. I want to see the world as you do, appreciate the way you see things. I want to know the workings of your complex mind. I want be able to merge into your world. I want to experience everything you ever felt.

I want to be your rainbow when you look at the sky above; I want to be the star that cheers you up when the darkness encompasses you. I want to be your sunshine on days you feel on the top of the world. I want to be your safe place. I want to be your first aid box when you get hurt, I want to be the one to make you smile. I want to listen to you as go on and on about life, I want to be the shoulder for you lean on. I want to be your silence.

I want to be the last line in your poetry; I want to be the “you” in your prose. I want to be the framework of your masterpiece, the last stroke in your painting. I want to be the book that you wish never ends, I want to be the story that will never be told….

I want to be a memory that is etched in your soul, so that you won’t be alone.



For a gloomy day!


Keep your memories safe and sound,

Make sure that they are easily found.

Wrap them lovingly with a lot of care,

Even the ones you really cannot bear.

For each is beautiful in its own way,

So what? life just went a little astray!!

Keep the memories wrapped up and safe,

Some for happy & some for gloomy days,

One the occasion when you feel blue,

And the people around you have no clue.

Open the box and sit somewhere alone,

One at a time, unwrap what you rightfully own.

Your loner place will turn into heavenly abode,

Blessings with which you have been bestowed!


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