Unjustified Obsession


Infatuation is a scary thing. Like the way it throws you off balance, like the way it makes you doubt your own judgement, like the way it makes you self-conscious, the way it consumes you. I am not bored and I am rarely fascinated. I barely know you and you got me speechless.
I like how you tell me you are glad I came over, I like how you look into my eyes and touch my soul, I like how your eyes light up as I understand what you say…Just the way your mouth twitches when you smile, I like how you remember the tiny details about me. I like how you keep the conversation alive, I like your subtle ways, I like the comfort, I like being alive, I like having you around.
I like the butterflies in my stomach as and when we talk. It takes a long time to fall for someone. Every now and then, you keep falling for that person; sometimes for a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes you bounce back to reality and sometimes you just dive in those twin pools of warmth. I am intrigued and my thoughts go awry. I am clueless. I do not know what to do; maybe I should let your angelic ways engulf me, maybe I should see where this spell takes me, maybe I should let the time decide, maybe I should surrender.
I do know that there is no future for ‘US’, mostly because there is no US. There is only you and me, two people; going in different directions, having a different destiny; except in my daydreams, you are the beginning of the end.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s Friday, I’m in Love.”

(I wrote this some million years back. It is inspired by this blog I like. Just felt like sharing today.)


Promises made and memories that haven’t fade!


Everyone has a secret. Even you have a secret.  The one you have kept from yourself. Secret that breaks your heart; secret that keeps you from falling apart.  Secret that gives you the wings to fly; secret that makes you cry. Secret does not have to be grand; it can also be bland. Secret can be a simple hello or a toughest goodbye. It is something that you have buried alive in your heart; something that tears you apart. Secret pollutes your heart and soul, after sometime it is hard to find the source. Hard it may seem, impossible it is not, it surfaces slyly in disguised forms. Look into people’s eyes, they will tell a tale; promises made and memories that have not fade.

Secrets do not break a perssecretson, suspicion does!

New Girl In The City!

Some two months back I got a mail telling me that I can undergo summer training in this city. I did not know how to respond: should I go? Should I stay back home? Should I stay in Bangalore itself? Okay! It was not too long before I realized that I do not have a choice and that I have to go wherever that mail takes me. It has been quite some time (OMG! 15 days) that I have landed onthe foreign land that I know nothing about, I did Google this place a lot before coming here. Oh yes, I feel like I am a part of Wake Up Sid now.  Of course, there is a sense of adventure that comes from being alone in a new city.

I will not go to the extent of saying that it was easy or I was happy about spending my summer vacation outside home state; of course not! Think positive, so I have been told a million times. I tried looking at the brighter side, thought of different possibilities: new place, new friends. Hoped for the best and prepared myself for the worst. Luckily, it did not go there, this company has many interns, and a training room for them and I met people there, good people, the ones who made me feel at home. It does not really take long to become friends when you meet the right people. Friendship was never about who you have known the longest anyway.

I have loved working here. Every morning I get up enthusiastically to go to work because I know I am going to meet my friends and work, if time permits. It ismore of a summer camp. I have learnt so many games; Killer, Bingo, Sets, Pen fights and dumb charades. I am a pro now. Occasional rapid fires and truth& dare games do help us get to know each other. We are never short of gamesto play, topics to discuss. We manage to work also. Now that is what you call multitasking.

In a way I am happy that my internship is half over, cannot wait to get back home. I feel bad too that I will not be a part of such a crazy group. What I have seen,I have felt, I have loved. And I know that I will miss you people wherever I go after this. I do not know exactly what prompted this note or why am I so keen on writing about it.

Anyway,this is all I have to say for now.

See youon Monday. Till then, take care!

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