Unjustified Obsession


Infatuation is a scary thing. Like the way it throws you off balance, like the way it makes you doubt your own judgement, like the way it makes you self-conscious, the way it consumes you. I am not bored and I am rarely fascinated. I barely know you and you got me speechless.
I like how you tell me you are glad I came over, I like how you look into my eyes and touch my soul, I like how your eyes light up as I understand what you say…Just the way your mouth twitches when you smile, I like how you remember the tiny details about me. I like how you keep the conversation alive, I like your subtle ways, I like the comfort, I like being alive, I like having you around.
I like the butterflies in my stomach as and when we talk. It takes a long time to fall for someone. Every now and then, you keep falling for that person; sometimes for a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes you bounce back to reality and sometimes you just dive in those twin pools of warmth. I am intrigued and my thoughts go awry. I am clueless. I do not know what to do; maybe I should let your angelic ways engulf me, maybe I should see where this spell takes me, maybe I should let the time decide, maybe I should surrender.
I do know that there is no future for ‘US’, mostly because there is no US. There is only you and me, two people; going in different directions, having a different destiny; except in my daydreams, you are the beginning of the end.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “It’s Friday, I’m in Love.”

(I wrote this some million years back. It is inspired by this blog I like. Just felt like sharing today.)



Published by Mekhala

Let us try to be in the present and be comfortable with each other as we are without being sorry for the unintended results.

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