Do words convey everything that needs to be conveyed?

                 Occasionally, you realise that thoughts precede language. Simply put, not every thought can be turned into a sentence, at least, a meaningful, coherent one that others can understand, rather try to understand. Every time a person tries to convert his opinions, feelings, viewpoints or any random thought for that matter into something that others will understand the way he wants it to be understood, it just doesn’t work out… there is always a mismatch between what was there in the mind and what was penned down on the piece of paper.


 On a normal day, I do not have issues with not being able to communicate exactly what I feel, I am pretty much okay with conveying the gist of the matter. Things are not normally that complicated and do not require that depth and careful selection of words. Then there are those days, special ones when you want others to know exactly what is going on in your head. The quandary within, or maybe an artless concept or it could be simply the confusion that is creating chaos in your head. Those are the times you wish, you could say, precisely what you think and feel about a certain person or a thing from the past.

 Words elude you at that time; they refuse directly to convey what you want to say. They just do not come to your rescue. What do you do then? Not say anything. Keeping mum is not an option that is available rather suitable every time, but that is exactly how it goes and I guess that is what is happening now. ­­

                Therefore, I would stop writing and let you ponder over the matter…
How does it actually work?!!



Published by Mekhala

Let us try to be in the present and be comfortable with each other as we are without being sorry for the unintended results.

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