The key to work-life balance! :)

( This post was written 2 weeks back!)
I was thinking of writing individual mails but then I am too lazy. 2nd week at the institute, things are moving too fast. I wish the process would slow down. There is just so much to take in. I still cannot believe it’s actually happening.
Ten days at the institute, insane schedule and here I am, happy and inspired. I can barely stop smiling. There’s this new me that I see everyday. I didn’t know I could be this bundle of energy that I am now a days. Today, someone actually asked how I manage to keep the same level of energy throughout the day, I didn’t know the answer. I just smiled at him. That’s what that happens when you have a job that you love! I have made such great friends in these 10 days, it’s scary to know that I know them, their stories…or maybe that they know my story to some extent. It is a responsibility- not breaking the trust. They generally have my back and are loving and kind. It is incredible. *Touchwood*
And then, there is work. Lesson plans, Individual Student tracker, Leadership Development Journey submissions, feedback and reflection sessions. A lot of work. It does stress me out sometimes. But then, there are energizers- songs, shoutings… a lot of fun and the kids love it. 
I love what I do. I really really like it. After all, work is love made visible. 😀
Tomorrow I am going to take my first independent lesson in the class… scared to an extent. The kids can take you for a ride you know! 
Well, I am prepared. So bring it on!! 😀

A struggling teacher…

After an early morning discussion with my program manager, I have reached an understanding that it’s all about me. It is about what all I can do in the classroom. My ability to make the lessons interesting counts, my values and mindsets make a difference. It is scary. My kids are amazing and adorable, I love them. I am struggling to be my best self. My first week of teaching has been a disaster, didn’t go as planned. I hope I never give up on my kids… I hope I never give up on myself. I hope I learn from them.

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