I had no evidence
for nights spent
sleepless with you
no hickeys, no bruises
no selfies, no polaroids
just bags and bags
of dreams and sighs
I had none of their
conviction, persistence
commitment, resilience
I had insecure poetry
in thank-you notes and apologies
I have no blue shirt
with a mountain dust
of bareback and memories
I have sarees, many sarees
that bleed in green
you haven’t even seen
I have countless objects and things
that have absolutely nothing
to do with you
nothing to prove
when they ask if we do
lovers travel in twos
why when the town leaves you
why I stay in my room?
in books, in roses,
in postcards, in magnets
they search for truth
else its a waste of youth
their love cannot accommodate
a love of equal weight
if the other isn’t a lover
how can you two be together?
I have given up in vain
if there is not love nor pain
longing and joy of more than one
how can they say there is none?
let me rest your investigatory
I assure you, this is a love story.


Vqueeram Aditya Sahai

I love him, he can’t love me this is all there is

this is all there is
to poetry!



Published by Mekhala

Let us try to be in the present and be comfortable with each other as we are without being sorry for the unintended results.

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