To the unpaid, narcissistic counselor I have in life! With transference, Me. :p 

To Jonas Hall

To the spectrum of narcissism,

To the Wednesday prayer time which we never adhered to

To the biometric attendance every day- and sneaking out at times.

To the Vishnupriya chai and Fresheteria sandwiches

To the chocolate room comfort – and random weird haircuts

To the late night- early morning research proposals

To the study hall times and slogging it out

To psychoanalyzing everything and using too many jargons

To the homemade panipuri with mineral water – it was bad, btw!

To the half boiled jeera rice – What were we thinking?!

To formulating complicated theories

To the 3 am stairway conversations

To the impossible parallel conversations

To the little notes, we use to write

To the movies and plays we loved

To the 3 am candy crush and fruit ninja times

To the rickshaw ride that almost killed us

To the times when we fought like crazy- “Do you have water?” :p

To the mutual understanding

To our postgraduate  degrees which treated us like slaves

To the narcissism, that helps us survive

To the friendship

To us

To you! 😀

To the Klepto I have grown to love

In response to Daily Prompt: treasure

To Sunday Rescue Missions and WhatsApp video calls,
To the Klepto moments and helmet issues,
To the lamest of the jokes that we ‘both’ crack- you are still the king, though!
To the time I fell off the bus and you took me to the hospital and you cried while they gave me an injection,
To the time you overslept and forgot to drop me off at Majestic- you have been tortured enough for that I guess,
To all the times when you cooked me food – and days when you packed my tiffin box,
To the basketball court conversations and TEDx awesomeness,
To the times I finished your assignments for you and somehow, you scored more than me (you still owe me pasta!),
To Smurfs and The Conjuring and the great ticket mix up,
To the rickshaw memories and the auto feeling,

To Blossoms, the books, and Rumi (Btw, Rumi writes about God- not samne wali khidki :p )
To the wax hearts and tissue paper notes,
To Indian Coffee House and Bangalore Literature Festival,
To the blue sweater and orange flavoured candies,
To the Ooty chocolates and flowers – can still be found in my dictionary,

To all the times we sneaked out and went off the radar,
To the built-in ‘bro’ I found in you!

Cheers man!



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