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Away from the shore, life awaits!

In response to Daily Prompt: Forlorn
I was never fond of that word.
Never understood what it meant…
why it was so important…
A friend said that it was because –
I had not lost that yet,
That I ought to keep it safe,
That I was blessed.
I kept the email but lost that friend.
Then, I met a boy-
With a blue shirt and folded sleeves,
With ruffled hair and kind eyes,
He let himself in my heart,
Built me a lighthouse and painted the walls,
With the storm in sight,
It all felt quite right.
The storm passed away,
And with that, he left.
Said that I would be fine too.
Soldier that he was,
He prepared me for the storm;
Not for the rescue missions
Not for the silence
Not for the peace.
I miss the storm, the chaos within.
Burning in that fire, his mischievous grin.
Lighthouse is great!
It keeps me safe.
Away from the shore, where life awaits.

I think

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